I tried it. I really did. For half a week.

After putting my barbecue chicken wings into the oven I thought to write about veganism and how my mini experience turned out. It is thursday and this is my first meat meal of the week, so clearly this was not a successful vegan journey.

For weeks now I had been planning how I was going to transition into becoming a vegan and imagined how great my life would be after making the change. I thought all my meals would be amazing and my body would feel and look great. I thought my whole life would change, suddenly my skin would clear and my hair would be long, thick and healthy, I also thought that I’d become a great person and know so much about food. I was wrong.

My experience wasn’t a nightmare, but it wasn’t the utopia I had planned. It forced me to think about what I was going to eat everyday and how I was going to prepare e v e r y meal. Not to say that vegans can’t just bring whatever is in their kitchen together as a last minute meal, but for me this was the case. I was an inexperienced vegan trying to transform myself into mother nature herself overnight. But surprise surprise, doves weren’t flying out my hands the next morning and I was far from ethereal.

After day 1, I had a food coma after my lovely hearty meat free meal that didn’t harm any animals or the planet. You could smell the optimism from my room. Or the dirty plates I had yet to bring downstairs, one or the other. I was hoping someone would ask me what I ate that night but no one did, so I just sent a picture to my friends forcing the conversation to change to what I was currently eating. I’m a vegan guys!

As the days went on, however, I found myself slowly but surely slipping back into my meat eating ways. The usual fantasy about kentucky fried chicken when I’m meant to be revising, or watching videos of people stuff their faces with pig meat. Not going to lie I felt a bit ashamed of myself for the latter, but for the most part it felt like something was missing. The optimistic budding vegan was slowly withering away…well not slowly because as I mentioned it is only thursday and there is chicken in the oven…but yes withering away she was…

I think when it comes down to it, the reasons why I wanted to become vegan were the very things that ensured my failure. I thought I was an animal lover, but I have clearly put the lives of some animals over others. Why do I care more about cats, dogs and those going extinct animals on adverts compared to cows, lambs and pigs? One seems fluffy and adorable and the other ‘just tastes good’. Veganism, to me, seems like it is not only changing what you eat but also changing how you view what you eat and why you eat it. This vegan journey definitely is not done for me, I’m not there yet but I promise I will try. Slowly but surely.




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