Pain is Temporary

My recent time at the dentist has taught me two things; I need to reduce the sugar in my diet and pain is always temporary. First of all, getting six fillings in a few days is never cute. I had to repay every little snack I treated myself to over the past year, fully rinsing … Continue reading Pain is Temporary


‘Why do you do what you do?’

Recently, I have been surrounded by extremely powerful and inspiring black women and the number one question that has stayed with me is when they are asked ‘Why do you do what you do?’. ‘How did you get here?’ ‘What keeps you going when you are pushed back?’ ‘Why does your fire burn so bright?’ … Continue reading ‘Why do you do what you do?’

J. Cole in Copenhagen

After not touring for two years, J. Cole came back announcing the '4 Your Eyez Only' tour around Europe. I attended his previous tour in London but this year I will be staying in Copenhagen, that did not stop me from booking a ticket way before arriving in Denmark. As an avid concert goer, this … Continue reading J. Cole in Copenhagen


Travelling Black

Living in the city of London has kept me in a multicultural bubble. A bubble where I can find someone that looks like me and understands my life experiences. In this London bubble there is still racial inequality and discrimination, but the subtle ways this comes into my everyday life is normal to me. If … Continue reading Travelling Black


The Future

Recently I have been thinking more about my future and what I would like to do with my life. At the age of 20 I had never really taken time to explore myself enough to identify what my passions were and what I really wanted to become. So to get to this stage of actually … Continue reading The Future


Mistrust and Indifference

The recent heavy coverage of terrorism by the mass media has me feeling a mix of emotions. As someone who has never trusted the media, primarily the news, I tend to retreat to a feeling of indifference when they attempt to stir up emotions and reactions from viewers. The over analysing former media studies student … Continue reading Mistrust and Indifference



I tried it. I really did. For half a week. After putting my barbecue chicken wings into the oven I thought to write about veganism and how my mini experience turned out. It is thursday and this is my first meat meal of the week, so clearly this was not a successful vegan journey. For … Continue reading Veganism.