Travelling Black

Living in the city of London has kept me in a multicultural bubble. A bubble where I can find someone that looks like me and understands my life experiences. In this London bubble there is still racial inequality and discrimination, but the subtle ways this comes into my everyday life is normal to me. If … Continue reading Travelling Black



I tried it. I really did. For half a week. After putting my barbecue chicken wings into the oven I thought to write about veganism and how my mini experience turned out. It is thursday and this is my first meat meal of the week, so clearly this was not a successful vegan journey. For … Continue reading Veganism.


Hello and welcome to my first post! Hopefully, this will be my first of many posts on my blog. I have always thought about creating a blog and writing posts regularly but have never seemed to do it. I always start on a word document with hopes of writing a beautifully worded deep piece about … Continue reading Welcome